A password generator with a regex-like syntax.
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Passgen Documentation

This is the documentation for the passgen project, a password generator. Passgen is able to generate secure passwords and other random sequences of any shape using a pattern that uses a syntax similar to that of regular expressions.

Passgen currently consists of a command-line utility passgen that provides a simple front-end to it and a library libpassgen that can be used to embed it into other projects. This documentation is for the library libpassgen.


This is an overview of how the Passgen project is laid out on the filesystem:

Folder Content
cmake/ CMake configuration.
data/ Static data for Passgen, such as default configuration.
docs/ Documentation for the Passgen project, hosted on
include/ Public header files.
include/passgen/ Header files of libpassgen.
include/passgen/container/ Data structure header files.
include/passgen/parser/ Parser header files.
include/passgen/pattern/ Pattern header files.
include/passgen/util/ Utility header files.
man/ Manual pages for Passgen.
scripts/ Utility scripts. Many of these are called from within the CI. These do not normally need to be called manually.
src/ All source files for libpassgen.
src/bench/ Benchmark utility (bench.h and bench.c) and all benchmarks for the Passgen project.
src/cli/ Source files for passgen, the command-line utility.
src/container/ Container-related source files of libpassgen
src/parser/ Parser-related source files of libpassgen.
src/pattern/ Pattern-related source files of libpassgen.
src/tests/ Unit testing framework (tests.h and tests.c) and all unit tests for libpassgen.
src/tools/ Various tools for passgen.
src/util/ Utility source files for libpassgen.

For information on the grammar that passgen accepts, see Syntax.

For information on how to build the project, see Building.

For information on how the testing works, see Testing.