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In order for the build to stay lean, it is important that two properties are ensured:

  • All header files include what they use. They should explicitly import headers they depend on, rather than relying on types being imported by other headers.
  • No header file has unused includes. This can happen when refactoring, when one forgets to remove an include that is no longer used.

The Include-What-You-Use tool is helpful for ensuring these properties. It works by scanning the code base and automatically fixing headers.

Quick Run

If you just want to run Include-What-You-Use and apply the suggested fixes, there is a bash script that will do just that. Run


From within the root of the project, it will generate a build folder in a temporary directory, run include-what-you-use on all files, and apply the fixes automatically.

Using CMake

Set the option ENABLE_IWYU to YES to turn it on. For example, when setting up the build folder, run something like

cmake -S . -B build-iwyu -DENABLE_IWYU=YES
cmake --build build-iwyu

To generate a build folder and do the build with include-what-you-use activated.