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As of right now, there are no real releases for passgen, but there are nightly builds from the master branch that you can download and try out. Currently, passgen supports a variety of platforms for the Linux builds, as well as macOS and Windows builds. The latter however are considered experimental at this point because they are not tested as part of the CI process.


Windows and macOS builds are currently broken

The Windows and macOS builds are currently broken. We are working on fixing them. Please try using the Linux builds inside WSL2 or a VM or give the WebAssembly builds a try in the meantime.

Architecture Links
Linux amd64 passgen-linux-amd64.tar.xz (sig)
passgen-linux-amd64.deb (sig)
passgen-linux-amd64-musl.tar.xz (sig)
passgen-linux-amd64-musl.bin (sig)
Linux arm64 passgen-linux-aarch64.tar.xz (sig)
passgen-linux-arm64.deb (sig)
Linux riscv64 passgen-linux-riscv64.tar.xz (sig)
passgen-linux-riscv64.deb (sig)
macOS amd64 experimental passgen-macos-amd64.tar.xz (sig)
Windows amd64 (sig)
WebAssembly WASI passgen-wasi.wasm (sig)


Every release comes with a signature file. This can be used to verify the authenticity and integrity of the releases. To do so, you need ssh-keygen and the passgen developer public key.

ssh-keygen -Y verify -f -s passgen-linux-amd64.deb.sig -n file -I < passgen-linux-amd64.deb
Good "file" signature for with ED25519 key SHA256:k7BsqKVzJMDEmgomupIE4VE9Xe4V4ffP506BLkz4JGQ

If the verification fails, please do not trust the build and contact the developers immediately!